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Why Should You Care

Do you spend a lot of capital in increasing your shipbuilding or ship repair capacity without knowing that MAX ISO14409:2011 Airbags can do the same with more versatility & lower costs? Conventionally, building Dry Docks, Cradles & Rollers are extremely expensive & time consuming. What's worse? The amount of ship repairing businesses you can take, is limited to the number and dimension of docks you have. However, businesses today should be agile and should possess highly versatile equipments to adapt to the ever-changing economy.

Dry docks are not versatile enough. We often had to limit our shipbuilding capacity due to restrictions of its dimension.” – Charles T., shipyard owner

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Don’t Limit Your Business

MAX Airbags

You can now safely launch a ship, haul in vessels for repair or perform mobilisation projects in a more cost effective way. MAX Airbag Launching is safe, versatile & reliable with a much lower capital investment.

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  • Costs

    Airbags are extremely cost-effective as it requires a much lower initial investment compared to other methods. Besides, they are re-usable up to 8 years under proper care & maintenance.

  • Safety

    MAX Airbag provides soft & flexible support to the hull of the ship and aids its launching motion into the water. It is safer than most other options.

  • Environment

    Do you launch your vessels using grease or oil? Think again. Do your part in protecting our environment by investing in the eco-friendly MAX Airbag Launching.

How Does It Work?

All you need is a slipway that is free of sharp objects, a slipway winch together with accessories like steel wire rope & shackles to provide the pulling force needed, and some airbags. Then, deflated airbags are inserted under the hull of the vessel and inflated to lift the vessel. The airbags are designed with great bearing capacity & facilitates the vessel into the water (or out of the water, depending on use) due to its ability to roll.

You can click on one of the options below to learn more on MAX Groups Marine’s blog article:


for ship launching
for ship haul in repair

It Works for All Vessels!


  • General Cargo Ships

    First ever airbag ship launching in Turkey. The 8600 DWT OFMAR ATASOY vessel is launched in Istanbul with MAX airbags & full technical support from MAX in 2007.

  • Barge vessels

    Especially in South East Asia, barges are often grounded and launched using rubber airbags instead of other methods as it is the most versatile & cost-effective

  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels

    Anchor Handling Tug Supply AHTS Vessels in Malaysia. The shipyard used airbag launching tech to successfully mobilise all 3 new assets into water. More AHTS vessels are

  • Chemical Tankers

    Airbags in action. Used to launch DWT 7000 Ton Chemical Tankers and more into the water. Also used to haul in these vessels for repair & regular maintenance.

  • Tug Boats

    Despite its sharper hull (as compared to barges), marine airbags can be used for the mobilisation haul-ins and launching after repairs. It works for all kinds of tugs.

  • Floating Dock & Other Structures

    Floating docks are launched using MAX Rubber Airbags. Even heavy objects like caissons can be launched using lifting bags and facilitated by MAX buoyancy airbags.

And More

Still Not Convinced?


MAX Airbags for launching and ship repair is a very cost effective solution. This is how it fares against other launching methods:

  • Dry Dock Float-Out Launching

    High Costs
    • High upfront equipment investment
    • Safe
    • Single Function
    • Eco-Friendly
  • Roller Slipway Launching

    High Costs
    • Upfront Installation Costs are extremely High.
    • Moderate Safety
    • Single Function
    • Eco-Friendly
  • MAX Airbag Launching

    Cost Friendly
    • Very Cost Effective. Airbags have long lifespan up to 8 years.
    • Safe. Airbags provide support to the hull & facilitate launching motion.
    • Multi Functional. Versatile.
    • Eco-Friendly
  • Oiled Slipway Launching

    Low Value
    • Cheap
    • Risky & dangerous. Very accident prone.
    • Multi Function
    • Grease/oil used pollutes the water

Why MAX?

There are other types of launching bags out there. Some of our clients tried to source from different supplies and make them work. Well, there are a few things you need to be careful of if you are sourcing them yourself.

First, the cord, raw materials and layers of rubber are areas where many manufacturers use to confuse customers like you. Moreover, if an airbag bursts and explodes into halves, that’s UNACCEPTABLE! MAX ISO14409:2011 Airbags will only quickly deflate when sustaining huge cuts, and NEVER explode into halves. Don’t put your crews’ lives at risk! Also, equipment like slipway winch and accessories require a solid foundation to avoid accidents. But do not worry, our team will study & advise on details of your projects to ensure success! We even use 3D printers to print demo kits for certain projects!

“Product quality is superb and the people in MAX really cared for their clients. Not many companies can do that.” – Mueller D., Germany.

Usually, MAX Groups Marine takes on whole projects that includes launching consultation as well as supplies of slipway winch, accessories, to rubber airbags so that everything can be well coordinated and quality assured. We have helped many companies worldwide save costs for their repair & launching projects. Just drop us an email and we would gladly assist!

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Advise on My Project


Do you need another reason? MAX Airbags are highly versatile. Our team has met countless challenges due to mobilisation, slipway limitations, different block working heights, just to name a few. Unlike drydock method or roller launching method that are fixed and with lots of limitations, airbags can be used in various ways to help solve your problems. Here are a few examples:

  • sideway mobilisation

    Sideways mobilisation

    Slipway Issue

    As the shipyard only has a limited slipway, this 1662 GT Barge is hauled in using MAX 40Ton Hydraulic Winch & subsequently moved sideways using MAX 20Ton Electric Winch, all made possible by MAX Airbags. That way, the ship can be mobilised back to the center launching position after repairs.

  • mobilise to sealine

    Too Far from Sealine

    Slipway Issue

    This newly built vessel was located too far from the waterline even during high tide. Should the team pursue conventional methods like building rollers, it would have costed them a lot. Instead, MAX Airbags are able to assist the mobilisation all the way to the desired launching position.

  • working height

    Too High Block Height

    Working Height Issue

    The initial block working height was too high at 2m. This AHTS vessel had to be lowered down before a safe launching can be carried out. Fortunately, MAX Airbags are able to be used to lower the vessel to optimum launching position.

  • Equipment move

    Mobilise Other Heavy Equipment

    Multi Purpose

    MAX Airbags are versatile enough to be used to mobilise all kinds of equipment including caissons, floating docks etc when not use to launch/repair ships.



#MAXAirbagLaunching is a movement on a mission to help new era shipyards embrace versatility & manage costs more efficiently.

At MAX, your project success is our priority. We focus in helping our clients succeed. -Mr. Thomas A., Managing Director of MAX Groups Marine.

If you are purchaser/procurement officer/decision maker in your shipyard, drop us an email so our sales staff can assist you.

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If you are interested to be a channel partner to promote the use of airbag for ship repairs and launching, let us know too.

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